Educators consider age-appropriate learning opportunities for CLIMATE CHANGE understanding

Teachers who attended the March 10 Climate Change Workshop at St Michaels College created this excellent brainstorm on what students should learn about climate change–at what age. (SEE PAGE ABOVE: CLIMATE CHANGE: LADDER OF LEARNING)

Prompted by an article by David Sobel in CONNECT magazine (Sobel, D. (2007). Climate change meets ecophobia. Connect, 21(2), 14-21) they posted their ideas about what activities were appropriate at what level. The suggestions cover a wide range of possibiitiees:

When should students begin to think scientifically? (two answers to this question….they already do! And….early!)

At what age should they consider the impact of their own actions?

At what scale (schoolyard-community/nation/planet?) should they consider climate change?

What BIG IDEAS are important to understanding the impact of climate change?

GOOD IDEA: sit down with a colleague and go over this list. It is not shared as THE LIST! It is thought-provoking! It will give you ideas and/or affirmation of things you could do or are already doing. It will foster school-wide thinking. It will prompt inter-departmental collaboration.

Please share your ideas with us and keep the dialogue going!

You can find Sobel’s article on the Synergy Learning Website:

The article also contains Sobel’s suggested K-6 ladder of age-appropriate activities on which this list is built.

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