WEC Educators gather —in the pouring rain and then warm sunshine!

WEC educators gathered this weekend for the October session of their course this past Friday and Saturday. We were in the pouring rain on Friday but managed to stay dry and happy!

We visited two farms–both in the rain….Roger Rainville–who is an ex-dairy farmer “I didn’t realize how hard dairy farmers worked until I stopped working those hours myself” is an inspiration to many farmers in the area by the ways he has made his farm a model of sustainability.

Next–we went to Highgate and visited Guy Choiniere’s farm. Guy farms on the land that his grandfather and his father farmed before him and has made many changes. Most notable was the different management of the river’s edge that is now blocked off from his cows. They have well-maintained lanes to walk on–a practice that means less damage (compaction) to the soil and less runoff into the river and less erosion in general.

Guy with diagram of soil health










Guy–as well as Roger–was passionate about soil health. He believes that healthy soil is the basis for everything–as this visual shows— and credited his cows for providing the manure that made his pastures so green–and the radishes so large!

Are these like Daikon?


New friends!

More to come on this weekend! If you are looking for the WIKI–scroll down to bottom of BLOG–ABD.





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